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TREXEL´S RUC Solution Elements 

1. Mileage Reporting Options (MROs)


Technology that captures vehicle identification, mileage and location data, then securely, reliably, and timely transfers that data to the Data Collection Subsystem for back-end processing. MRO’s typically use GPS to capture location and cellular networks for data transmission. After market MRO technology usually relies on an OBDII device that is plugged into the vehicle diagnostic port.  In newer models, automobile manufacturers include Transmission Control Units (TCUs) in vehicles, which they use to collect data from vehicles directly, and do not require owner/driver participation in the process.



2. Mileage Data Collection Subsystems (DCS) & Transaction Processing (TP)


Technology that collects vehicle identification, mileage and location data from MROs, stores it in a database, processes the data following prescribed workflows and configurations, and communicates the results of the processed data to a Back Office System(BOS) for use in customer account management and payment processing.  Common workflow transactions supported by the DCS/TP are:


  • Authenticating reported miles for security.

  • Resolving corrupt or duplicate reported miles.

  • Segregating miles into specified zones (i.e. Geofencing) for taxable vs. non-taxable miles.

  • Pricing the miles according to a configurable zone pricing table.

  • Anonymizing trip records for privacy.

Mileage Reporting Options (MROs)
DCS Dashboard for Demo, Test, Support
DCS Dashboard
RUC End-to-End Solution
RUC End to End Solution
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